3rd Optical Inspection System
3rd Optical Inspection System
3rd Optical Inspection System
Model Name : OPS-100
3rd Optical Inspection, Manual XY Indexing
Handling System:
  • Capable for Lead Frame or Substrate
  • Width: 35mm minimum to 100mm maximum
  • Length: 150mm minimum to 300 maximum

Magazine Elevator:
  • Motorized Magazine Elevator 
  • Programmable Pitching
  • PLC System
User Interface:
Touch Screen HMI Display / Monitor Display
Lead frame Indexer:
Motorized Indexer / Teachable Parameters
Optical Device:
  • Binocular Microscope 10x/20x Eyepiece, XYZ Adjustable 
  • Fluorescent Illuminator
Input Voltage:
110 – 220 VAC, Single Phase, 60 Hz
900mm x 700mm x 1200